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Sport Club RIM

Basketball academy Tallinna Kalev

Basketball academy “Tallinna Kalev”

Founded: september 2012.

What is it ?:

BA Tallinna Kalev is an Estonian Basketball Federation registered basketball clubs volunteer union.

BA “Tallinna Kalev” is a member of the Estonian Basketball Association.

Members: MTÜ KA Tallinna Kalev’s members are: MTÜ Sportsclub RIM, MTÜ Basketball club Tallinn, MTÜ Pirita ballclub, MTÜ Tabasalu ballclub, MTÜ Tallinn’s Universitys sportsclub,Erkmaa Basketball school, sPortkunda.


The purpose of funding the BA Tallinna Kalev is to unite youth- and mens bastekball clubs’ systems to the highest level of a basketball education.


As of September 1st. 2013, about 500 youth basketball players studying at BA “Tallinna Kalev”.


Mens: BBL, KML, 1st league, 2nd league.

Youths: EYBL (U20,U17.U16, U15, U14) and Estonian Ch4 (U18, U16, U14, U13- and Mini class)


The implementation of a basketball program.

The creation of a long term and competative basketball training system for children and youths’.

To develop balanced physical and mental capabilities.

To set achievable goals for children, to discuss their career oppertunities and possibilities and to

aid the mental and intellectual development of the children.

To enable the students to continue in foreign academies/schools/centers.

Preparation of high-level basketball players.

To enable the students to continue their career in the Estonian Champion league clubs.

To enable the coaches to become more professional.

The organizing and separation of financial resources necessary for the continuation of the development plan.


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