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Sport Club RIM



Rim’s player:

…is loyal and respects his club

Behaves him/herself well on and off the court

Is friendly with his/her companions, supports and encourages youngers

Is hard working and enthusiastic

Respects the coach and listens to him carefully

Trains purposefully and doesn’t skip sessions

Trains his physical form

Analyses his/her doings and keeps a training diary

Trains patiently, because developments occur slowly over time

Doesn’t fear his/her opponents when playing and respects them

Always gives his/her maximum effort, keeps fighting no matter the situation

Rim’s team

…Plays agressively, players give their 100% on the field

Plays smart, players understand their position on the team and act for the benefit of the whole team according to their own abilities and skills. Each player plays well as a team, nobody is on their own. Always give the best they can, no matter the season, tournament or the situation of the games. never gives up, be it training or playing, however hard it is, they don’t leave things undone. Enjoys the game, because that’s what basketball is in the end.






















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